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Knowing the danger signs can save you time, money and your mental health.Here are some red flags you should avoid when selecting your potential partner: 1.We expect women will come to for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s to make friends, find a date, or just have a chat.” James has many years of experience running online lesbian communities having founded the successful lesbian dating website, over ten years ago.“is also one of the new dating apps to reject swiping.Falling for someone who has spent months playing “Lesbian Dating Musical Chairs” is the quickest way to a broken heart, a third cat, and probably an STD.

Well let your worries disappear because we’ve narrowed down the competition with our 10 Best Lesbian Dating Magazines.Social Clout: 81,981 followers, 73,219 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Inspiration for lesbians everywhere The title says it all.First published in March 1994, Diva remains the only monthly glossy newsstand magazine for lesbians and bi women in the U. Diva aims to deliver the best information to lesbians everywhere.Dating a girl who is haphazard with her sexual health is a Deal Breaker and, although it’s an awkward conversation to have, you need to know before you get active that she’s wise with her choices and regularly checked.Dental Dams are the recommended weapon of choice for lesbians, but although I’m supposed to publically advocate such measures I sure as hell have never used one.Fresh, humorous and sometimes scandalous, Curve has been named Best Gay and Lesbian Publication by GLAAD.


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