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Interesting people, relaxed, fun conversations, great food, and, of course, drinks! Right quite yet, but I have met some incredible, friendly, interesting people that I would never run into on my own and certainly not in some random noisy bar.” -Skip “I have had a very positive experience with both 1 on 1 and 8 at 8.

They make the whole ‘dating’ thing fun once again, and not impersonal or cold. The matchmaking professionals were just that; professional, helpful, informative, and they did a great job of selling their business and me to other clients.

Or how environmentally conscious they hope their next partner will be?

Sure, everyone wants a conscientious partner over the alternative, but I can’t think of even one dating site that offers to calculate their members’ carbon footprints. or We could replace old windows and doors on drafty public buildings.

I quickly realized, unfortunately, that pictures can be deceiving...

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“I have attended several dinners and have always been pleased with both the venues and the dinner-mates.

I would recommend either service to those who are tired of traditional on-line dating, and who would like to meet a variety of women in safe, fun environments.” -Jeremy “Eight at Eight is a great way to meet new people while trying the latest new and fabulous restaurants the city has to offer.

The matchmakers do a great job of matching your dinner mates so the conversation is never dull.

Business analyst Matthew Oh, 27, is single and looking for the woman of his dreams.

He has done things the old-fashioned way: asking friends to set him up, asking colleagues out and striking up conversations with strangers in bars.


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