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Francesco Giacobbe said, “I have wings in my heart and love for all of you and Buffalo.” And staying with that theme, he then gestured to the building’s “V” shape behind him. Former Mayor Tony Masiello was part of those discussions, and served as a master of ceremonies for Monday’s announcement. Giacobbe and Developer Rocco Termini in particular, saying, “If you want to get something done, get Rocco and Dr.

Giacobbe involved.” Mayor Brown characterized the Buffalo pediatrician as “someone who never gives up, never quits.” A change in fortunes This embrace of the North Park Library by those with clout marks a substantial change in fortunes for the beloved building and grounds.

As the dozens gathered on its beloved front lawn applauded, designated developer status for the long-vacant North Park Library was officially conferred Monday upon Buffalo’s Italian-American Cultural Center.

In announcing the plans of his organization, which prefers to go by its Italian name (and initials) (CCI), to turn the former library into a center dedicated to telling the story of the Italian-American immigrant experience in Buffalo, Dr. And in turn, a succession of speakers Monday embraced the North Park Library right back, calling it the “gateway to Little Italy” and the “jewel of North Buffalo.” Many of them were involved, along with CCI, in weekly meetings with the City of Buffalo about the building over the last year.

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