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First you write the book, believe in it, and ignore the agents who reject your project. s had been out for about six months and was selling well.

Then you self-publish the book, do your own marketing and publicity, online social networking, and call bookstores to see if they’ll order your book from Ingram. Then I received a call from Wendy Riche at Alan Riche Productions in Hollywood.

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Wendy said she had read the book and loved the premise.

She asked if they could option the novel for a feature film.

We provide a convenient way of communicating and a safe place to meet without complicated interface.

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Conceived by hearing, the church never stops receiving its redemption and its identity from the living voice of God. God’s Word is never inactive or ineffectual; by the Spirit’s power, it always accomplishes what the Father has spoken in his Son (Isa. There is no opposition here between divine and human action.

Within the appropriate covenantal context, the words of commissioned representatives—whose personality and characteristics are not overwhelmed in the process—actually bear God’s Word, accomplishing what it speaks.

It’s the story of Anny Applebaum, a 65-year-old writer with a weekly newspaper column called “The Viagra Diaries,” about love and sex after 60.

She falls for Marv, a 75-year-old diamond dealer and they have a passionate affair — but Anny soon discovers that he’s a serial online dating-service customer, that he can’t face aging, and he’s on the prowl for younger women.


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