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You probably and intuitively understand what I mean when I say that male sexuality has been demonized in recent years.

For example, men are often condemned for using commercial sex services such as porn, prostitution, lap dancing and so forth where the images of the men involved are presented as some kind of uncontrollable beast with as little control over their urges as a rutting stag.

If he’s pulling away and lost that loving feeling, it could be because he feels that during important times you weren’t the loyal partner he needs. It is possible for some period of weeks or months to paper over poor compatibility.

You just do things you both love, or don’t talk about certain topics, or focus on fun and hide certain sides of your personality. But eventually, life and reality must come calling.

And of course I totally get that men can't understand what it's like to be on the receiving end of sexual objectification, as women are.

For a man to dream that he is a bachelor, is a warning for him to keep clear of women. To dream of seeing a nude back, denotes loss of power. To dream of your own back, bodes no good to the dreamer.Men are expected to abide by cultural standards of masculinity, fitness, financial and physical worth, to prove that they are valuable (enough) commodities for a woman to choose for a relationship or marriage.And of course while this is no different to the objectification of women's bodies as a desirable commodity that will enhance a man's self-esteem, and increase the respect he gets from other men, the cultural narrative which we all face seems to generally regard male sexuality as more worthy of criticism (if not condemnation) than female sexuality. He needs to know that you’re in his corner – his foxhole.When the bullets are flying overhead and life is tough, he needs a woman who has his back.It's interesting that men don't take a defensive position around male sexuality in the way that feminists do around female sexuality.


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