Fender mexican tele dating

The pickups the same enclosed units used on the Mustang.Series 1 Bullets were available in red (with a white or black pick guard) and ivory.

Now, whether those neck and pocket stamps being of the same month and year signifies that, that particular neck being married to that particular body on that date therefore being completely original is beyond me.There are a few ways you can check, but it's going to require a tiny bit of "dismantling your guitar".If you pull the neck off of a MIM Strat you'll probably find a date stamp on the end of the neck (the portion that rests in the pocket).So, obviously a neck date, while being helpful in providing a date range of production, cannot be a definitive reference.While there have been periods where dramatic changes have occurred, for example: the transition periods between Leo's Fender and the CBS years, as well as the transition between CBS' Fender and the current ownership, generally speaking, most models are feature specific and do not change from year to year..This will tell you if the neck was indeed made in Fender's storied Mexico plant.


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