Geun suk and shin hye dating

If a chance arises next time I want to try a romantic comedy one more time.

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Park Shin Hye opens up on her relationship with Jang Geun Suk.For the longest time he sported past shoulder locks for multiple acting projects, some of which worked, others not so much, but ultimately started to grow frustratingly repetitive.He cut it this past Autumn for his (Bel Ami), but for some weird reason the short hair was then styled in various strange and odd looking designs.I was at a loss at the beginning because the ratings were not as good as I thought they would be but there was nothing like dissatisfaction.Instead amongs criticism, i felt grateful towards the crew and my younger co-actors that we were able keep the ratings at 2 digits I do have a perfectionist side to me like Hwang tae kyung. But living as tae kyung, i realised that I am a little like him.I’m beyond thrilled that his best hair day in years is coming in a collaboration with Park Shin Hye, one of his most memorable acting costars in a drama that remains a fun and inoffensive watch.


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