Louisa lytton dating norway2 dating

Daniel lives in Peterborough and Louisa’s in London, so they were seeing less and less of each other.

The ex-East Ender will play PC Beth Green – a new recruit to Sun Hill who is a hapless romantic.She finished filming The Bill at the end of last year, went into panto and split with her boyfriend.It’s been tough, so her mates whisked her off to Dubai.‘I know every ex-Strictly celebrity says they find it hard watching their old partner dance with someone new, but I find it impossible not to feel territorial about Vincent.’ Louisa and Vincent took 4th place in series 4 and formed a close bond. Louisa Lytton has become the first of 12 celebrities to be eliminated from Channel 4's The Jump after coming last in the air jump challenge.In her second episode, she is called to a car dealership where the manager has been chained up.


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