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As one of our alumni, Jan is the Founder of Volders, a company that promises full control over the contracts by saving enormous time to optimize costs and tariffs. Right before the company was founded, Jan got through the same process as many other startup founders — followed entrepreneurs through the events, gave a few interviews.At the end, he reached out an to investor directly, and the journey of Volders has started.Tegyük fel, hogy megtalálódik a P/M fit, A keresőoptimalizálás (SEO) egy rendkívül hasznos marketing eszköz, hogy direkt költség felmerülése nélkül jelentős, releváns forgalmat terelhessünk weboldalunkra, akár kezdő vállalkozásként is.Startup marketing eszközök közül az Sikeres startupot építeni kemény dió.

Egy érdekes, viszonylag gyakran visszaröfögő jelenség a Kelet-Európai startupoknál a következő: Elindul egy B2C startup mondjuk 3 alapítóval, 2 tech mókus és egy biznisz harcos részvételével.We develop everything in house, with our own development team of 10 including a designer”. As a company based in Germany, Volders changed several locations and ended up at Kreuzberg in Berlin, one of the biggest tech hubs in Europe.According to Jan, location was not the only thing that had to change.We are curious to learn more, and Jan starts telling their story: “Started out with 2 founders, me and the CTO.We were building the platform ourselves.” After a successful start with two founders, the team began to grow bigger: “now we have grown to 25 people, prominent here in the office.I know that the updates haven't started, since the background Time Remaining starts counting down to 0 (and if the updates did start, it stays at the max value).


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