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Either way, there’s a good chance that these labels — the detailed instructions for use that accompany every drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration — are out of date and lacking essential new information for appropriate use and safety.

Accurate drug labeling is fundamental to safe and effective prescribing and use. Yet many labels have been steadily falling out of date, to the point where this has become a serious public health problem. As part of its reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act this summer, Congress should broaden the authority of the FDA to actively encourage drug manufacturers to develop a mechanism to more readily incorporate high-quality information into drug labels over time.

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Currently Sketch only allows the user to update to the latest version.

advertisement How does something so basic and important to the safe and effective use of medicines fall out of date?

For starters, it is impossible to know everything about a drug when it is first approved.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in contemporary media theory, network culture, and contemporary cultural theory. Instead, she digs deep into the meaning of our digital habits, showing how the productive, generative everydayness of the habitual gets corroded in so much of new media into a pervasive sense of addictive updating to cope with threats -- condensed in her formula habit crisis = update.

Critical of the slothful, casual way that friendship, networks, even the YOU-self functions, Chun pushes us to think about new ways of establishing online collectivities, novel forms of memory and archive, hoping we can learn new forms of inhabiting the new media: loitering in public, safely.

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In computer programming, suppose we have a data item A whose value depends on data item B, i.e., the value of A must be changed after the value of B changes and before the value of A becomes necessary.

Active updating is updating A immediately after B changes, while passive updating or lazy updating (lazy evaluation) is updating A immediately before its value is fetched.

The key to this transformation is that we have become both habituated to and inhabitants of new media.

The update, Chun argues, is central to creating new habits of dependency at the heart of neoliberal capitalism.


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