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The boyfriend followed that by cutting the boys throat.The couple murdered her parents in another room of the house.Global News will update this post as more of their names are revealed. Occupation: International Model After a serious injury put Thomas in a wheelchair and sidelined his construction career, he was forced to take a hard look at his life and his future.He decided it was time to take a leap of faith and entered a local model search in Regina, Sask. The men searching for love include a deckhand from Vancouver, a cowboy from Calgary, a bartender from Edmonton, a maître d’ from Montreal, and a firefighter from Waterloo.READ MORE: Meet Jasmine Lorimer, Canada’s first-ever Bachelorette W Network will release more images of the Bachelors as the premiere date grows closer.

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It’s no coincidence the first political prisoner of the has always been a queer movement.Today the 30-year-old travels the world as a successful international model.The extreme highs and lows of his personal journey have shaped Thomas’ Zen approach to life, and now he’s ready to take another leap of faith in order to find the perfect girl to share it with. Occupation: Inventor Quirky, clever and funny, Chris is definitely one-of-a-kind.And it was Richardson, who, after hearing her eight year old brother plead, “I’m scared.I’m too young to die,” plunged a knife into his chest.The 30-year-old inventor is a walking encyclopedia of information and cites his intelligence and creativity as his best attributes.


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