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There's no "right" line, but there's a right way to say it.If I had four men approach me using the same, tried-and-tested pickup line, do you think I would be attracted to all four of them? I can tell you that if the right man with the right character came up to me and said "banana, banana, banana," I would giggle like a little schoolgirl and instantly feel attraction for him. Women want to be approached, as long as it's by the right person.But after that, something interesting happens: A man's face shifts according to how he makes a woman feel.

I just wrote this newsletter recently about this guy who wrote me a letter and said ‘I’ve listened to a whole bunch of pickup artists who tell me that when a woman asks me a question I should sidestep the question and this will be seen as being mysterious and playful.’ He told the whole story about this woman he was trying to connect with and every time she would ask him what he did for a living he would have some cheeky comment and he wouldn’t answer the question.Since their enthusiastic responses are more “them” than I could possibly hope to convey, I decided to let Jet and Star give you the lowdown on their humble beginnings in their typical fast-paced, tag team fashion.NMR: How did the concept for The Wing Girls come to be? If you are like 99.9% of guys, you are hopelessly lost when it comes to reading the other half of the population’s thoughts and body language. Maybe you just want to know if she is even into you; maybe you, like most men, just need a good wingman (or so you might think).She finally said to him ‘You’re an arrogant man, I don’t enjoy talking to you, how the hell do you expect a woman to get to know you if you don’t answer her questions? I had to break it down and explain to him how it felt from her perspective and why she’s asking the questions and that it’s actually flattering if a woman is asking you questions because it means she’s trying to get to know you as opposed to just blowing you off.


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